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Pet Owners

Protection, security and peace of mind

SmartTrace™ enables pet owners to have total control over the microchips implanted in their pets. Pet owners are able to register and update their details instantly onto our national database. Pet owners have the ability to instantly flag their pets as lost/stolen through their SmartTrace™ online-account panel. Additionally, all 15-digit SmartTrace™ numbers rank at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, further increasing the chances of reunification.

SmartTrace™ offer a recovery assist service to its premium members. In addition to the benefits above, SmartTrace™ Recovery also allows members to take advantage of unlimited, free and instant address changes held on their SmartTrace™. In the event a pet ever goes missing, SmartTrace™ Recovery assigns a personal recovery manager who will assist in the reunification process. Recovery members are provided with step-by-step guidance for lost/stolen pets and further help is offered through our Track & Trace assistance service with UK-based telephone support. Recovery members can further take advantage of our lost/stolen pet poster campaign, including photo upload, allowing members to print unlimited lost/stolen posters to put up in their local area. SmartTrace™ Recovery provides members with lost/stolen social media posts going out to our pet-industry network.

Instant Transfer

Transfer your details onto your pets microchip instantly and keep details
up to date via your online account.

24/7 Helpline

We have an expert team on hand 24/7 at our UK customer call centre who are here to help if your pet is lost or stolen.

Secure Database

All microchips are registered on the SmartTrace database so pet owners have the best chance of finding pets.